Crank SLC custom built bicycles

by Christian Clemens May 09, 2016

We frequently get asked the question "do you guys build custom bikes?" or "what if I don't like something about my bike, can you change it?" And to both of these questions the answer is a resounding, Yes! If you can dream it up, chances are we can get it built. We have tens of thousands of parts to choose from and the knowledge to put it all together in the perfect custom way, just for you. 

Here are just a few of the projects we've loved to work on so far this spring:

Custom Bianchi Cruiser- built up from frame, painted added new decals finished with components from PDW, Brooks, and Velo Orange


All-City Thunderdome Track Build- Super light and stiff Thunderdome frame with Paul Components, Mavic and Ritchey WCS parts, Brooks Saddle


BLB Classic Commuter- Super elegant build with lots of classic high end call backs from Soma, Netto, and Velo Orange, beautifully custom painted plum colored rose on the Aerospoke wheel. 


Heavy Pedal Axiom Track- New Axiom with 7k alloy and carbon fork, SRAM Omnium, Zero Lite wheels and Cinelli cockpit. 


Aventon Diamond Track- Probably the most VISABLE bike on the road, very aggressive Aventon Diamond frame with full carbon fork, Masi part, and Aerospoke wheels. 



Christian Clemens
Christian Clemens