Cutthroat Racing Presents: Turbo Kid

by Juliet Lalouel September 08, 2015

"Around here we like to do things with a little more 'joie de vivre'".

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We recently went to the Turbo Kid screening event hosted by Cutthroat Racing at Brewvies Cinema Pub, a local pub with food, beers/spirits, and two movie screens showing the latest releases and regular special events, like this one.  It's a pretty amazing spot to have some beers while watching a movie. Especially when you're with a bunch of other bike enthusiasts watching a movie called Turbo Kid and knowing the ticket proceeds went to Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective.

If you didn't already click the link to find a description of the movie, it's in the genre: "Post-apocalyptic BMX Action Splatter Comedy", and it's pretty amazing. It's set in 1997, and the world is in a post-apocalyptic state. The protagonist known as The Kid is an orphaned teenager who's trying to survive, roaming the desolate land and befriends a robot chick named Apple. The two go on an adventure via BMX to fight an evil warlord who's in control of the land's water supply. Good Guys VS. Bad Guys + Hint of Romance, with a side of laser, = an epic cult classic.

Turbo Kid Movie Poster

You've got to see this movie. It's got gore, robots, lasers, and of course, tons of rad BMX bikes. It made us even more stoked to get our selection of BMX bikes that we're going to start carrying in-store. And it also made us wish we had a robot friend to ride BMX bikes with while blowing up bad guys with lazers in search for more water. Sounds like something we might do if we're in Cali in a few years. Just kidding. 

Stay tuned because we will soon be announcing more bike-movie events because nothing says "joie de vivre" like beers, cinema, buds, and bikes. 

Juliet Lalouel
Juliet Lalouel