Goldsprint Championship Series Standings

by Christian Clemens October 03, 2015

Here are the result of round 1 of the Salt Lake City Goldsprints Championship Series. There was some great competition from a lot of talented cyclists and it was very clear everyone gave it their all, but in the end someone has to win and somebody has to lose, these were the winners and their times for round 1;

1st- Gabe M 15.023 Sec

2nd Parker F 15.023 Sec

3rd Carlos C 16.23 Sec

It was and unbelievably close finish for the championship round with Gabe winning by less than a thousandth of a second. 

Gabe and Parker Goldsprints Championship Round 1stiff competition in the women's bracketGoldsprints at Crank SLC- Bicycle Shop



Christian Clemens
Christian Clemens