by Juliet Lalouel August 10, 2016

We have to admit, that was a spectacular party. And by ‘party’, we mean ‘group ride with wonderful people, and topping it off with one hellofa crawfish boil’.

 it begins...

If you don’t happen to know what a crawfish boil is- it’s awesome. Whether that be because you get to eat a bunch of food that’s sprawled out on a table with your hands like a primate, or because it usually means you’re going to be surrounded with good music, and even better people.


the boil

Last Summer, we and some other cyclists started a casual party ride called “Slow Roll SLC”. The ride consists of a pre-ride BBQ, then we ride out for an easy-paced ride that has multiple stops, to socialize along the way. The ride budded as a small circle of friends, cyclists, as well as customers, and has bloomed into a fun and growing group. These rides are on the first Tuesday of every month (excluding winter months- for now). We couldn’t be more grateful for this growth and people that we have been able to meet and have fun with along the way.

We took the liberty of combining this awesome group ride, with Crank SLC’s two-year anniversary and decided to throw a crawfish boil. With the help of our staff, friends, and patrons, we had AN ABSOLUTE BLAST!!

Here’s just a couple more photos of what went down:

a spread


We'd like to thank everyone that came to the event, cooked, drank, cleaned and partied with us. We can't wait for the next one!!

All photos pictured here were taken by Gabe Mejia (follow him on Instagram @gabemeija)

Crank SLC began in August of 2014, with an unclad showroom and just a handful of customers. 

Now in August of 2016, we have made new acquaintances and friends, a growing list of great customers, wonderful brands we get to discover and share, and continue to find ways to make more room out of our small unique space we call home on State Street.

Juliet Lalouel
Juliet Lalouel