ABUS Combination Cable Lock Tresor 1350 10mm (Black)

This lock has a strong, high quality flex cable, so you can lock your bike to almost any spot. 

A re-settable PIN code with 10,000 combos, we recommend this for entry level or kid's bikes in areas with a "normal risk" of theft, and also recommend it be used with a U-lock for more security if you plan on leaving it alone a little longer. DO NOT use this as a long-term, or over-night lock! 

It has two component moulded digits that guarantee life-long visibility, and includes a KLICKfix bracket for saddle clamping bolts, as well as PVC coating to prevent any damage to your bike's paint job.


  • Cable Diameter (mm): 10 mm
  • Length: 185 cm
  • Weight: 590g
  • Dimensions: 185cm (Cable Length) x 10mm (Cable Diameter) 
  • Lock Style: Cable , Combination
  • Security Rating: 3 of 15

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